What is GameNyte

GameNyte is a digital platform for social games unlike any other in the world! A big claim, how so? Well, all the games on the platform are designed to be played by people in the same room.
Imagine playing a card game with four players using four phones and a tablet. Each player’s phone shows their card hand (which can be kept hidden from the other players), and the tablet shows the shared play area, where the cards are played. The GameNyte app comes with a growing library of social games, which take advantage of a multi-device interface like the example above. To get started, one player simply selects a game to play from the library and hosts it, while the other players connect by scanning a QR code. Then you start the game and have fun playing together!

How to PLAY

GameNyte lets you and the people you’re with
easily connect your devices to play digital social games together


Choose game


Scan QR-code



Platform Features

Worlds first and still familiar

GameNyte combines social play with the convenience and endless possibilities of digital play.

Just five more minutes…

Play instantly, save and continue anytime. No sign-up required! Did we mention that it’s free to play?

Easy to learn hard to put down

Play games that go far beyond what’s possible in normal mobile games by connecting your group’s devices

Play with the people close to you

GameNyte games are made to be played with the people close to you. Because playing together is more fun.

What’s your cup of tea?

Whether you are having family time or hanging out with friends, GameNyte has got you covered.

Games for every occasion

GameNyte offers games from top-selling designers and indie-legends alike. The choice is your’s.

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